Clothing for camping is a really personal choice, and it is really hard to write a post saying “this is what you SHOULD buy”, but there are definitely things you should be looking out for when you are buying clothing specifically for camping.

Camping Technical Clothing Glossary

With any kind of technical clothing, comes technical jargon. Before I jump into the pieces I recommend I thought I’d demystify some of the technical languages so you know exactly what you’re looking at.

This is just a quick list of technical clothing language, for more info have a look at our What To Wear blog.

  • Water-Resistant – The garment (usually a jacket or shoes) can survive being splashed by water and will keep you dry in a light shower. Anything heavier and it (or you) will get wet.
  • Waterproof – Completely waterproof material is usually not very breathable but it will keep you completely dry in even the worse of downpours.
  • Wicking – When we get warm we sweat, wicking material moves sweat away from the body keeping you dry and warm.
  • Breathable – Breathable material helps the wicking material to move your sweat away from your body and out, keeping you dry.
  • Baselayer – Worn next to the skin, usually for warmth and as part of a layering system. Baselayers can be worn on their own in warmer conditions.
  • Midlayer or Insulating layer – Usually made out of fleece (synthetic or natural) and worn on top of a base layer, under a waterproof layer to keep you warm.
  • Outer Shell – Some mid-layers can be worn as outer layers in warmer weathers, outer shells are usually thin waterproof jackets worn on top.
  • GoreTEX – A registered trademark, GoreTEX is a type of breathable waterproof material. Clothing made with GoreTEX material is usually more expensive but far superior.
  • Merino Wool – Wool from a specific breed of Spanish sheep, merino is particularly soft and fine, making it very soft and versatile. In Camping clothing, merino wool is an excellent choice due to its high wicking abilities and temperature regulation properties.
  • Fleece – Fleece is usually an insulating layer mean to keep you warm. Fleece can be synthetic (polyester) or made from real wool.
  • Down Filling – A type of feather filling, usually made from goose or duck down feathers, this is a great option for keeping things light but very warm. Down is more expensive but better quality than synthetic fibre, but it does lose it’s insulating properties when wet.
  • Synthetic Fibre – Usually polyester, synthetic fibre is cheaper than down but usually heavier and not as good quality-wise (although there are some excellent synthetic clothing options available). Synthetic fibres usually retain their insulating properties when wet.

Our Camping Clothing Recommendations

For each option, there is a men’s version and a women’s version. You’ll find links to the three best places to buy outdoor clothing, Decathlon, Go Outdoors, and Mountain Warehouse, and I’ve tried to keep the prices reasonable without compromising on quality.

All of these recommendations are things I have either bought myself or I will be buying in the future because they are really good quality. I’ve added the men’s equivalent to each one, and tested them on my Dad!

For a list of great footwear, have a look at our footwear specific page.

Adult Baselayers

Women’s [sherpa id=”9136577f”]Women’s [sherpa id=”0643becb”]Men’s [sherpa id=”7a147cf3″]Men’s [sherpa id=”39f85c78″]
A versatile, light and comfortable merino wool t-shirt available in a variety of colours and suitable for summer or winter as part of a layering system.A lightweight long sleeved merino wool baselayer suitable for layering. These are available in three dark tones and reinforced to last a long time.A versatile, light and comfortable merino wool t-shirt available in a variety of colours and suitable for summer or winter as part of a layering system.A lightweight long sleeved merino wool baselayer suitable for layering. These are available in three dark tones and reinforced to last a long time.
Around £20 from DecathlonAround £20 from DecathlonAround £25 from DecathlonAround £30 from Decathlon

Adult Mid Layers

[sherpa id=”58906ca8″]Women’s [sherpa id=”b9b1ba82″][sherpa id=”f470b9b8″]Men’s [sherpa id=”4feb8a2c”]
A cheap and cheerful gilet, great for summer and as an added layer in winter.This soft to touch long sleeved hooded fleece is super versatile, great for casual outwerwear and light enough to be used as a mid layer too. I love the full front zip and zipped pockets.A simple and cheap gilet that is great for cooler autumns and brilliant as part of a colder layering system.A really comfortable light but warm mid-layer fleece with a full zip, hood, and zipped pockets. Casual enough for outerwear but thin enough to be used as a mid-layer.
Around £10 from DecathlonAround £28 from Go OutdoorsAround £10 from DecathlonAround £65 from Go Outdoors

Adult Outer Layers

[sherpa id=”5a959f61″][sherpa id=”903b277a”][sherpa id=”1dce96ff”][sherpa id=”121b618f”]
I love these puffy down jackets, they are lightweight, they pack down easily and it’s like wearing a warm and water resistent duvet! Love them!If you’re planning to get a really good outdoor jacket, this is the one. 3-in-1 Meaning you can wear it with or without the insulating layer, waterproof, wind proof, earphone compatible and rated to keep you alive and warm in temperatures down to -20C!This is a great option, a lightweight and packable down jacket that is water resistent and warm without adding too much bulk to your bag.An excellent outer jacket with a removable fleece inner layer. This is pricey but it will last you years. It’s fully waterproof, wind proof, earphone compatible, and rated for temperatueres down to -20C!
Around £40 from Go OutdoorsAround £200 from Mountain WarehouseAround £40 from Go OutdoorsAround £200 from Mountain Warehouse

Adult Waterproofs

[sherpa id=”0fa22a22″][sherpa id=”c2fb5f17″][sherpa id=”13b1c03e”][sherpa id=”e7c2c1c2″]
I love packing a stowaway waterproof outer shell, especially on camping trips where the weather is likely to be warmOpens in a new tab.. This thin and waterproof jacket otn keep you warm, but it will keep you dry in a downpour.Let’s be honest, waterproof over trousers are NEVER going to be attractive, but these are cheap, good quality, and they have the cargo pockets which are super useful for your phone and keys etc.Just like the women’s stowaway jacket, the men’s version is just as lightweight and packable. Perfect for leaving in your car as a just-in-case jacket.Definitely not attractive, but these waterpoof over trousers with the added cargo pocket are a perfect choice for keeping you dry in a downpour.
Around £16 from Go OutdoorsAround £20 from Go OutdoorsAround £15 from Go OutdoorsAround £25 from Go Outdoors

Adult Socks

Unisex [sherpa id=”e97167a4″]Unisex [sherpa id=”3187be54″]
These socks are a great option for campers as they are deisnged with lightweight materials that will keep your feet dry, helping ot reduce blisters. SUitable for light walking.Do you need a pair of warm socks designed for some serious hiking and walking? These are the best option.
Around £8 (2 pairs) from Go OutdoorsAround £15 (2 pairs) from Go Outdoors