I’m a great lover of shoes, however a fabulous pair of heels is probably the last set of footwear you want to have in a muddy field next to your tent!

Camping footwear can get pretty technical, and very expensive very quickly. There are different types of footwear for every type of activity too.

I’ve pulled together a list of my favourites here, keeping them within a reasonable budget. It probably goes without saying that you won’t want to take all of these with you every trip, but I’ve always got a pair of wellies in my car!

Camping Footwear Favourites

Lightweight Walking Sandals

These are such a great option for summer. They’re super comfortable, last for ages and great for light walking on sunny days. These sandals also dry really quickly too, if you fancy jumping in puddles or taking a paddle in a river that is!

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Around £13 from Decathlon

Rapid Waterproof Boots

I love this style of boot because there’s just enough ankle support to make them a great choice for all kinds of walking, from mountains and hills, to pavements! They say they are waterproof, but I wouldn’t trust them in too much water.

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Around £70 from Mountain Warehouse

Latitude Waterproof Vibram Boots

These are a great option if you’re doing some serious hill walking and hiking. The leather does need a bit of taking care of, but you’ll be rewarded with a pair of boots that will last you a long time and will be waterproof enough to handle puddles and streams.

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Around £80 from Mountain Warehouse

Solognac Short Rubber Ankle Wellies

I have to say, as much as these aren’t pretty boots, I love mine! I’ve got the lime green colour but there are a few options for both men and women. I find tall wellies never fit properly, these only come up to mid calf but they are fully waterproof with great grip!

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Around £10 from Decathlon

Lightweight Walking Trainers

These are great for occasional hikes and walks, but they’re really super comfortable and I find myself wearing mine as my go-to trainers (or sneakers for our American friends!). They’re not waterproof but can deal with the occasional splash and rainy conditions.

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Around £30 from Decathlon

Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof

Your shoes and boots will only last a long time if you look after them. Make sure to brush off any caked on mud, remove any stones from the soles, and give them a quick spray over with Nikwax Fabric and Leather proof to keep the waterproof membranes intact.

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Around £6 from Decathlon