It’s the most important bit about camping, right? The tent!

Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of tents, from massive apartment-sized tents, right down to tiny one-person pop-up tents. Each one has its own pros and cons, which means it’s important to consider all of your options before you choose the right tent (or tents!) for your camping trips.

Which Tent To Pick

I (currently) own five tents, for different activities, but I’ve also got my eye on a couple more. I love tents!

Here are the tents I would pick and what type of camping they would be good for.

2 Seconds Fresh & Black XL

This is the updated version of the tent I own, and I LOVE it. It’s probably the tent I camp in most often.

I love the fact that it’s pop up, it only takes a few seconds to put up, I’ve also had it in horrendous weather and it’s survived bone dry. Really can’t say anything bad about this tent!

2 Seconds Fresh & Black XL (3 Person)Opens in a new tab.
Around £110 from Decathlon
2 Seconds F&B XL (2 person) Opens in a new tab.
Around £90 from Decathlon

Arpenaz 4.2 Tunnel Tent

I’ve had a very similar tent to this and I have to say they are excellent.

Great if there are a few of you camping, either two friends/siblings (as there has been when we’ve used it) or even a couple and some kids.

The space in the middle is really useful as a dry area and added porches make this a really versatile design.

Arpanez 4 – 4 person
Around £113 from Decathlon

Vango Purbeck- 6 person 3 bedroom

This is a great family tent that comes highly recommendedOpens in a new tab..

It’s a poled tent that sleeps 6 with 3 bedrooms and plenty of porch space, great for a couple of weeks on the same pitch with a family.

This tent is very big, so it can be quite chilly, it’s also quite bulky weighing in at 22.5kg.

The Vango PurbeckOpens in a new tab. 6 Person tent
Around £350 from Amazon

Berghaus Telstar 8 Nightfall Air Tent

This is a REALLY popular tent! It’s definitely more on the expensive side, but it’s fantastic quality, sleeps up to 8 people and the 3/4 bedrooms inside mean everyone gets their bit of private space with plenty of porch area for socialising and getting out of the rain.

This is the only inflatable tent on my list. I’ve generally been a little bit skeptical of air-poled tents, but after the storms we had this year, they do seem to be really solid, and this one is super popular with the groups I’ve been chatting to this year, I’m very happy to recommend it!

The Berghaus Telstar 8 Nightfall Air packs down and weighs in at around 52kg.

Berghaus Telstar 8 NightfallOpens in a new tab. 8 Person Family Air Tent
Around £1000 – £1500 from Amazon

What Should I Consider Before Buying A Tent?

  • Size – It might come to pass that you decide you want a full family tent with everyone together, or you may decide that everyone should have their own tent. If you’ll be camping on campsites, then you can usually only have one tent per pitch, but some campsites will allow multiple smaller tents.
  • Weight – Are you car campingOpens in a new tab.? Hiking? Public transport camping? Think about the weight of your tent (and the vehicle/person that will be carrying it) and get one that suits your needs
  • Quality – Hydrostatic Head (HH) is the measurement of the tent’s waterproof rating. In general, anything over 2000HH is ok, but heading towards 5000HH is much better (but usually more expensive).
  • Ease Of Set-Up – Will you be camping on your own? With a young family? Tents usually come with either fibreglass poles, air poles (inflatable tents), or pop up tents. Pop up tents are great, but some of them are dreadful quality, I’ve only recommended my favourites below, but if you want to find out more, I wrote a whole article on why pop up tents are so good!

How To Make A Tent A Home

A tent is just the basic requirement for campingOpens in a new tab., but it’s an important one! Check out our recommended Tent Accessories to make your tent a home while you’re camping!