7 ways to master camping in the rain

7 Ways to master camping in the rain (number 6 is our favourite)

Camping in the rain isn’t much fun. We have to be honest here. Fee and I have camped in all weather, rain wind, snow, hail, sunshine, lightning. It can actually be really fun if you’re prepared for it, but when the rain catches you off gaurd then it’s not fun. This post will hopefully give you a few lesser-known tips to make that rainy camping experience a little better.


How to stay warm when camping in the cold

That time has rolled around, you can feel it in the air, the days are a little bit warmer, the birds are singing and the buds are just peeking through. This, my friends, is springtime! It’s usually around this time of year, February/March time, that I start to get tent cravings. It’s been packed up for too long. There is, however, one massive problem with camping in the cold weather: how do I stay warm when the nights are REALLY cold?